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Glove Re-Use Service 

Company: Veolia Waste and Recycling Services
Location: Stubbs Mead Depot, Croydon
Gloves: Showa 341, 600

The service involves the collection of used gloves every other month, 60 days.
Quality control removes any damaged items. The remaining gloves are washed and Sanitised.
Before returning to the depot gloves are paired and packed.
The re-used gloves are a direct replacement for new stock.
The damaged stock is sent to a local Veolia HTI Centre.

The following information is shared with the approval of Chris Stockham,
Depot Manager Veolia, Waste Management facility, Croydon.

Taken over a 12 month period 2019 – 2020.
A total of 6 collections were made, total number of pairs collected 8,600
From this 6,866 pairs were processed and returned for re-use.
The remaining 1734 were considered damaged and unsuitable for processing.

Showa 600 Glove

Showa 600 Glove

Showa 341 Glove

Showa 341 Glove

Cost Analysis 

The Net savings for the branch totalled £6831.82

At Stay Safe PPE we use our own vehicles and commit to scheduled collections.
Each collection is based on 1000 pairs and the schedule frequency is based on this volume.
Transport costs are included in the ‘washed’ figures above.

The service reduces PPE glove spend by 50% for this depot.
Stay Safe PPE customers receive a saving of between 50 – 70%, dependant on the original cost of the gloves.