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The Staysafe PPE recycling service for re-use saves money on replacement costs, and reduces your waste and carbon footprint. Our programme contributes to your continuous improvement and environmental KPIs by enabling you to:

  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Reduce your PPE stock levels
  • Slash your PPE expenditure.
  • Eliminate threats from supply chain shortages.

 About Staysafe PPE Ltd… 

We created Staysafe PPE in 2016 to provide a circular economy solution for waste PPE. Our aim was to improve the use of resources, reduce our customers’ environmental impacts, and cut PPE replacement costs. Our service is continually growing as we are extending our PPE recycling service throughout the UK; we are now the UK’s leading recycling-to-re-use PPE company. Staysafe’s collaboration with PPE manufacturers, distributors and end users alike is reducing PPE waste.

Tailored PPE Collections

As far as possible, we use our own vehicles to collect and deliver your PPE and are able to cover most of the UK. We service all major cities and follow the main motorway networks which helps us to offer a regularised service. Importantly, using DPD for smaller batches and remoter areas helps us to stay on track with our Net Zero Pledge. We can cover your PPE recycling no matter where you are in the UK, and we tailor our collections to suit your usage.

Reducing PPE & Glove Stock Levels

We prolong the life of your PPE which enables you to reduce PPE stock holding and investment in indirect supplies. Because our batch analysis captures your usage and fall out, we will work with you to ensure that your revolving PPE stock levels are sufficient to meet demands. By monitoring global logistical and manufacturing issues, we can ensure that washing your PPE will protect your continuous supply.

PPE Quality Assurance…

Staysafe’s accredited Quality Management System guarantees your laundered PPE doesn’t compromise safety. For your peace of mind, our UKAS test results prove that we achieve total disinfection at low temperatures which safeguards the integrity of your PPE. Our method is endorsed by the UK’s leading glove manufacturers.

PPE Tracking…

We batch control your PPE and record weights and quantities on receipt. Your unique batch number follows your PPE through inspection, packing and despatch. We can segregate and track your PPE throughout our recovery process. Our waste transfer notes record your waste reduction, and our batch analyses give you exact fallout numbers. By capturing your PPE performance we give you an insight into its suitability.

Our comprehensive reports track your PPE’s performance and highlight opportunities to
improve your return on spend by replacing underperforming PPE.

PPE Recycling: Helping you to reduce costs …

Your PPE is returned labelled and sized and ready to re-issue. Because most protective gloves can be washed 4 times, and Hi-Vis workwear up to 30 times, Staysafe’s PPE recycling service will save you up to 70% on replacement costs. Furthermore, only charge you for returned items which are fit for purpose and for eco-friendly waste disposal at cost.

PPE End of Life: A Sustainable Solution…

Our sustainable recycling service reduces your carbon footprint by preventing unnecessary PPE waste. Each tonne of textiles manufactured creates 14.7 tonnes of CO2e, (WRAP), and by washing your PPE you are prolonging its life. To summarise, recycling your PPE to re-use it is a perfect start to your Net Zero journey and will help with your waste management, continuous improvement and environmental KPIs!

By joining our growing customer base, you too can make a difference!

 ~Nothing we handle goes to landfill~ 

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