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Re Use Automotive Glove

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The Stay Safe PPE recycling for re-use service will enable you to save money on replacement costs and help with continuous improvement and environmental KPIs.

  • Re-use is better than Recycle.
  • Further reduce environmental impact.
  • Reduce PPE expenditure by as much as 70%.
  • Washed gloves and PPE are as clean as brand new ones!
  • Eliminate threats from supply chain PPE shortages.

 Staysafe PPE Ltd 

Established in 2016 to provide PPE Recycling services to West Midlands based Industry.
Staysafe PPE Ltd have grown and extended its service throughout the UK.
In less than 3 years Staysafe PPE Ltd has grown to be the UK’s number 1 glove re-use specialists, servicing a growing list of organisations, many of which are leaders in their sector.

 Transportation Service 

With  collections located as far north as Aberdeen, weekly collections throughout the North East, the M62 corridor, M1 & M6. extending south to Newport in the west, M4 corridor, Greater London, with scheduled collections from the ports of Dover, Southampton & Portsmouth in the south; we cover your area.

 Glove Stock Levels

The Staysafe PPE service enables you to reduce the costs of holding stock, while ensuring you can meet demand for glove usage. Businesses should always have a ‘safe’ amount of glove stock so that they’re able to react and cover any unforeseen issues. We can work with customers to ensure the quantity of gloves available to the user is constant and stock levels are managed appropriately.


All collections are electronically weighed, and quantities recorded on arrival.
An individual batch number will follow the collection throughout the recycling process.

Essential counts at each step in the process will allow us to report on the performance of each batch.
Key indicators include TNR = Gloves re-used, TND = Gloves for HTI waste, RTS (return on spend) analysis where the cost of the glove is known.
We will also advise you on potential glove changes for improved RTS.

Helping you reduce costs …

Our team washes, sanitises, inspects and returns your gloves.  We launder and  repair your hi-vis workwear. As a result we will save you up to 70% on replacement costs. We will only charge you for returned items which are fit for purpose, and for HTI waste disposal which is at cost.

By using our sustainable PPE and glove washing service, not only will we extend  it’s life,  we will also reduce your landfill costs and  carbon footprint.  We are proud to be saving around 90,000 thousand items a month from landfill, with new customers coming on board every week!

 ~Nothing we handle goes to landfill~ 

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