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RWM-Let’s Recycle Live at the NEC

RWM-Let’s Recycle Live features Anna Bright from Sustainability West Midlands, and Denise Brinton from Staysafe PPE Ltd, who are sharing a spot tomorrow in the Keynote Lounge. This year’s broken temperature, droughts and rainfall records are a clear indication that time is running out. RWM-Let’s Recycle Live is a great platform to demonstrate the resource efficiency needed to tackle climate change. Since Staysafe PPE was founded in 2016, they have saved around 1.5 million items and 130 tonnes from landfill or destruction. According to WRAP, every tonne of textiles manufactured generates 14.7 tonnes of CO2e. With this in mind, Staysafe have saved 1384 tonnes of scope 3 carbon emissionss. Furthermore, the average cost savings are 60% for their customers, so it’s an easy win. Think globally, act locally!

RWM-Let's Recycle Live