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We are really proud to have won the Shropshire Chamber Eco Business of the Year Award in the face of such stiff opposition. We have been recognised by our Shropshire peers. for enabling many Shropshire businesses to offset their Scope 3 CO2e emissions by washing and re-using their gloves, hi-vis and other PPE. Many of them have also won awards for PPE recycling!

It was our ambition to divert waste PPE from landfill when we started the company in 2016. This is no longer good enough and we now re-purpose 85% of all waste PPE. It is either incorporated into new products or donated it to charity. The only items we have to send for energy recovery from waste are mixed fibre gloves but recent research has identified a new waste stream opportunity for gloves so watch this space!.

We were lucky enough to win the athletes’ laundry and team kits laundry for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. The wealthy countries were able to commission brand new kits emblazoned with Birmingham 2022 so were intended for single use. Many of the smaller countries’ kits were heavily worn and it was moving to realise that some of the island states would soon be engulfed by rising sea water if we don’t act now. By washing and re-using PPE which is virtually all manufactured on the other side of the world, we can reduce CO2e emissions. We must stop drawing on the earth’s natural resources and reverse the trend. The benefits of marching behind the sustainability banner includes massive cost savings, as much as 50% compared with new purchases.