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A wash comes first

Wash First

Re-Use or Recycle? 

Contaminated workwear and PPE is unsuitable for repurposing.

Before shredding and repurposing, it is essential that garments are clean, dry, and free from secondary contamination. Any contaminated PPE is sent straight to ERW incineration, or worse, landfill. Unfortunately, this is the industry norm for PPE recycling as it’s not workable for heavy industry and construction site workwear to subject it to 3 processes before it can be re-purposed. 

By comparison, Staysafe PPE’s wash and re-use of workwear and PPE requires just one of these processes; and the wash process ensures that all rejects are washed and contaminant free.

For this reason, washing for re-use is a focus of the circular economy and the logical way to treat soiled PPE. At Staysafe PPE we focus on the wash for re-use model and only recycle PPE which has failed inspection.  

We’re all working towards Net Zero and marching behind the sustainability banner.
PLUS up to 70% cost savings is another great reason to wash and re-use your PPE.


 “A Wash comes First”