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The Process

Staysafe’s PPE recycling process utilises JLA’s ground-breaking Otex disinfection system ( JLA.  ) When separated from oxygen by our ozone generator, it’s a free radical gas and agitates in the wash. The gas bubbles attach themselves to the cell walls of viruses, bacteria and pathogens, killing them instantly.  The agitation also opens fibres up, so dirt and grease come away more easily.

PPE Recycling Process and Coronavirus…

Our OTEX system kills all generic coronavirus strains, and 99.999% of all known viruses, bacteria and pathogens. So, we can assure you that washed PPE is as hygienically clean as new issues!    Our lab test results from a UKAS laboratory, and from Leicester University, corroborate this. Because we  wash all PPE separately, and quarantine it throughout its inspection stages, we avoid cross contamination. We take Covid-19 very seriously and continue to take extra steps to ensure the safety of our colleagues and customers. 

PPE Recycling: Extending PPE fabric life…

Traditional thermal disinfection can damage coatings and cause shrinkage. Our eco-friendly system achieves complete disinfection even in cold water! Because of this, we’re able to extend the life of the fabrics we launder. It’s a more sustainable process too, typically using 49% less energy. 

Protection Assurance; Manufacturers’ Compliance…

We always wash your gloves and PPE according to manufacturers’  instructions.  As part of their EN classification, these gloves are tested in lab conditions after washing. We also carry out tests in the UK, and we mark the gloves each time we wash them. This guarantees that the performance of your PPE will not be affected by our washing process. We  have the test certificates to prove that too!  Some gloves actually perform better when washed. Dupont advertises that Kevlar can be washed  10 times, and gets stronger with each wash!

PPEOur  Recycling process gloves

PPE Recycling Process: Inspection…

ppe recycling inspection

We wash and dry your PPE, then pass it to our inspection crew. They scan it for swarf and try on every single glove. By stretching them, they detect flaws invisible to the naked eye. The crew automatically rejects gloves with holes and then pack the compliant gloves in tens ready for despatch. We also segregate gloves with worn coatings, and let you decide if they are useful in other areas. As they still offer protection, we often donate these gloves to charity.

PPE Processed Gloves
Washed, Inspected, and ready for delivery!

Meet the Team behind Staysafe’s PPE Recycling Process

Staysafe's PPE Processing Team
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