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Staysafe PPE’s business model is to focus on the provision of a range of washing services to its customer base. Working through close customer partnerships we strive to deliver the most cost effective and environmentally sound solutions to their PPE needs.

We recognise that our activities in the provision of PPE washing & cleaning services have environmental impacts. Our team is committed to addressing these impacts and protecting the environment through our Environmental Management System (EMS).

Through our EMS we will fulfil our compliance obligations, including legal requirements and those to other interested parties.

The company will assess the environmental impacts of its operations, identify associated risks and take action to address those risks as required. This includes risks associated with  the operations we subcontract to third parties.

We are committed to preventing pollution and supporting our customers to move waste up the waste hierarchy. Staysafe PPE Ltd will work cooperatively within the framework of the environmental objectives set by the environmental policies of its clients.

Based on our most significant environmental impacts, Staysafe PPE Ltd will set objectives to achieve continuous improvement in our management system and our environmental performance.

All Staysafe PPE Ltd’s staff will have an awareness of the environmental aspects they are directly responsible for as well as more general awareness of the company’s EMS. This will be achieved through the provision of environmental training.

Staysafe PPE Ltd’s EMS will be given direction through the activities of the EMS committee which has the participation and full commitment of the Managing Director. The committee will monitor and review the environmental performance of the company and audit its adherence to current and future set objectives

Signed :                                                                                 Date 04/05/2023

Richard Fallon