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Sustainable PPE recycling means prolonging the life of your PPE

Landfill is  no longer a responsible option which is why we  developed an alternative sustainable PPE recycling solution. We are proud to be saving around 90,000 items a month from landfill which is increasing weekly as more companies sign up to our service. Every tonne of textiles produced generates 14.7 tonnes of CO2e so prolonging the life of your PPE is a step in the right direction.

  • Up to 80% of gloves and PPE sent to us can be re-used
  • Any unwanted PPE that can still be used is de-branded and donated to charities
  • Single fibre gloves and PPE are shredded  and made into waste product fibres (WPF), supporting the circular economy.
  • Mixed fibre gloves are collected for energy generation from waste  (ERW)

sustainable ppe recycling

                           Nothing we handle goes to landfill!

Sustainable  WPF Production:

We work closely with Race Recycling in Glossop who provide us with a shredding service for washed PPE workwear and single fibre gloves which fail inspection.  Like us, they also have a zero landfill policy and aim to recycle everything that passes through their recycling centre.

Sustainable Energy Recovery from Waste


Veolia’s HTI Centre is authorised by the Environmental Agency (EA) under the IPPC provisions of the 1990 Environmental Protection Act. Based in Shrewsbury, Veolia are now supplying power to Shropshire by incinerating waste.

Because the PPE waste we generate is clean, it takes much lower temperatures to incinerate it.

Veolia collects the PPE waste from us monthly service and recycle their own gloves through us too!

Staysafe PPE Ltd Waste Carriers Licence No:CBDL 229899

Sustainable PPE Recycling; the Staysafe solution:

We save on costs, reduce waste, prolong the life of your PPE, reduce your carbon footprint, move you up the waste hierarchy, feed the circular economy and comply with all your environmental KPIs.

Make glove and PPE washing for re-use your process of choice. You will be joining an impressive list of blue chip companies who are prolonging the life of their PPE, re-using over 80% & making sizeable reductions in their PPE expenditure.

Environmental Sustainability
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate No.