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PPE Supply Chain Shortages

Are you experiencing shortages of PPE due to supply chain delays? Due to the unprecedented demand for PPE, reduced production in Asia, and container re-positioning problems, supplies from Asia and the far east to Europe are falling way below needs and expectations.

We can help! Staysafe PPE is the go to PPE laundry company for manufacturers, distributors and end users alike. Our UKAS tested laundry process kills pathogens, viruses and bacteria without compromising the integrity of your gloves, sleeves and other PPE. Save time, money, and world resources by washing your PPE for re-use.

If you are using disposable gloves, talk to your supplier. A re-usable glove will mean a bigger initial outlay but most gloves can be washed up to 4 times so the saving in terms of cost and environmental KPIs will pay for itself. Ansell, Globus, Keypoint, Mapa, Polyco, Tilsatec tilsatec and Traffi, all invested heavily in washable, sustainable gloves and sleeves.

Kevlar sleeves and gloves can be washed up to 10 times and are stronger with each wash. The gloves are also ambidextrous so the usual surplus of left handers can be matched up to create a new pair!

Contact us now for your free, no obligation PPE laundry trial!