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The end of single use industrial gloves

Ford Diesel Engine

 The Uk’s largest diesel engine manufacturer moves to a re-use industrial glove service.

Following an initial trial period lasting 6 months, the Staysafe PPE glove for re-use service will now service 17 production lines in the UK.

The natural ozone disinfection process was found to kill viruses & bacteria. The low temperature ozone process actually works into the fibres, rejuvenating the gloves, and returning them to a ‘ good as new condition’.  

 Saving money by re-using Industrial gloves.

Under normal use, the trial discovered that 74% of the gloves can be washed/sanitised  3 times.

 A 50% reduction in new gloves purchased.

75% of the gloves retrieved from the collection bins where processed and returned for re-use. 

 A 70% reduction in the amount spent on industrial gloves.

Glove Collection

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