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Where do your gloves originate?

It’s worth checking the source of your protective gloves; Malaysia is the latest country to be targeted and have gloves seized at the port because of links with Modern Slavery. Sadly the global demand has risen so sharply since the pandemic that the manufacturers can’t keep up with production, and prices have risen exponentially. Fortunately, the leading glove manufacturers and distributors in the UK are fully aware of this and totally compliant. Ansell, Globus, Keypoint, Honeywell, Mappa, Polyco, Tilsatec, Tornado, Traffi and UVEX are among those companies selling gloves which are washable up to 10 times in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Despite this, millions of washable gloves are still being sent to landfill when soiled, impacting on replacement costs, landfill and carbon emissions.

If you would like a free glove laundry trial call us now and see how we can save money and reduce your carbon footprint by recycling your PPE.