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Modern gloves are designed to be washed & re-used.

Re-use PPE

Why re-use gloves ?

Until the Stay Safe PPE Re-use service was launched gloves were thrown away after a single use.

But why are they thrown away ?? quite simply there was no alternative.

When the Stay Safe PPE Re-use service was launched in 2016, the service was designed to capitalise on the following essential facts.

  • Modern industrial gloves are designed to be washed & reused.
  • The modern wash process is designed to re-energise the glove and promote longevity.
  • Ozone disinfection sanitises to a level vastly exceeding all government guidelines.

There are large profits made by the industrial glove sector, part of the problem is suppliers face huge reductions in volumes when end-users move to washing gloves multiple times.

Denise Brinton

UK based engine manufacturer and key supplier to the MOD.


Based on a collection & return service scheduled monthly
An established volume and 10% reduction in fallout.
Glove lifespan extended to x4, 4 wash and re-use cycles.
A mid range glove supplied by a globally recognised manufacturer.

Projected savings over a 12 month period {12 collections} is targeted at £300K .

Can we wash your Gloves, Sleeves, Caps & PPE ?

Talk to one of the Staysafe team, who will be more than happy to assist you in realising your potential savings, and arrange for a ..

Free no obligation trial wash.

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