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 We do our best to prolong the life of your PPE

Because landfill is costly and damages the environment, it is no longer a responsible option. This is why we have developed an alternative PPE solution for our customers. We are proud to be saving around 90,000 items a month from landfill, and increasing weekly.

  • 60% of gloves are re-used
  • Unused gloves donated to charities
  • Gloves processed for wiper rags
  • Last resort gloves sent to HT incineration
waste hierarchy

Nothing we handle goes to landfill  

Recycle your unusable PPE and climb the waste hierarchy triangle. Make gloves and PPE washing for re-use your sustainability choice. You will be joining an impressive list of blue chip companies, who are prolonging the life of their PPE, re-using over 60% of their gloves & making sizable reductions in their PPE expenditure.


Veolia’s HTI  Centre is authorised by the Environmental Agency (EA) under the IPPC provisions of the 1990 Environmental Protection Act.